For B2B-partners

“Trade House “Schedro” Ltd. has been a leader in fat industry for many years, positioning itself as a producer of a wide range of foods. The company sells a full range of products of the largest Ukrainian plants that have many years of production experience:




  “Zaporozhye oil and fat plant




  “Lvov fat plant




  “Kharkov fat plant”.




These plants are leaders in production of fats, margarine, soft margarine, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard and sauces in Ukraine.



We offer our partners a wide range of high quality margarine and fat that are used in production of cooking, confectionery and bakery products, ice cream and dairy products.


Confectionery fats:

-  “For -fillings”
-  “Confectionery fat for waffles and cold fillings”
-  “For chocolate and candies”
-  “Solid fat”
- Confectionary fat Fattyfill SH2TF-11
- Confectionary fat Fattyfill H2TF-21
- Confectionary fat Fattyfill H1NT-41
- Confectionary fat Fattyfill H1TF-31
- Confectionary fat Fattyfill H1NT-11
- Confectionary fat Fattyfill SS1 TF-11
- Confectionary fat Fattyfill S2 TF-21
- Confectionary fat Fattyfill F1TF-31
- Confectionary fat Fattyfill F1TF-21


Vegetable fats:

“Confectionery shortening”
“Olivia glaze Lux”
“Solid fat”
  - Vegetable fat Fattyfill FTF11
- Vegetable fat Fattyfill STF11


Cooking fats:

“Frying fat”
“Roasting fat”


Milk fat substitutes:

“Fattymilk 02 C”
“Fattymilk 03 C”
“Fattymilk –  01 C”
“Fattymilk – Cheese 01 C”
“Fattymilk – Cream 01 C”
“Fattymilk – Ice 01”
- Milk fat substitute  “Fattymilk – Cheese 02 C”
- Milk fat substitute  “Fattymilk – Ice 02”
- Milk fat substitute  “Fattymilk – Ice 03” Glaze
- Milk fat substitute  “Fattymilk – Sour Cream 01 C”


Palm oil


Table margarine:

“Milky Special”
“Milky Standard”
“Refined” (35%)



“Special Extra”
“For cakes”
“For cream”
“Capital Special”
low-caloric “Refined” (35%)


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