"Schedro" TM represents a wide variety of tastes and useful ingredients. "Schedro" is a trade mark of national scale and its assortment includes such favorite products of Ukrainians people as: mayonnaise, margarine, dietary oil, ketchups, sauces and mustard. These are products that you can think of as a must on every hospitable table. Our team constantly analyses the market to satisfy requirements of the most tempted buyers. Assortment of products replenishes annually with new positions which are a success and become widely recognized. To improve its quality, technological assets of manufacturers are constantly modernized, which allows to increase production volumes and raise palatability of products.

Today the "Schedro" Trade Mark is chosen not only by Ukrainian mistresses. Large industrial organizations prefer products of "Schedro". We have gained trust of such well-known companies, as "Konti", «ÀÂÊ»and others. Joint-Stock Company «Confectionery factory "Lagoda", Joint-Stock Company «Kherson confectionery factory».

We develop and never stand still, because we want to be interesting for the consumer. 



Our daily and holiday tables, are perhaps inconceivable without salads and many other dishes dressed with mayonnaise. This product falls to noble sauces which major constituent such as aromatic sunflower-seed oil and fresh egg yolks.


Mayonnaise is reasonably considered as a miracle of world culinary art. It is not only a highly nourishing and useful product, but also - and what is more important - provides for easy digestion of food. Therefore it is reasonably considered as irreplaceable dressing for many dishes.


Mayonnaise became one of the first products to be delivered under "Schedro" TM and thanks to its excellent taste and high quality, "Schedro" mayonnaise gained love of buyers very soon (17 % of the mayonnaise market which is the greatest among all sauces).


Today only mayonnaise of "Schedro" TM, perhaps can brag of its rich, sated, true Provencal taste. Unique mayonnaise «Lvov Premium» from "Schedro" TM with highest fat content (80 %) has no analogues on Ukrainian market. People who want to be fit choose the light taste - "Salatnyi" mayonnaise (37% of fat). For fasting people the “Lenten 50%” mayonnaise will be a perfect choice.


Thanks to hard work and constant improvement the mayonnaises of "Schedro" TM are currently known to the majority of Ukrainian buyers. And since 2009 mayonnaises of "Schedro" TM have been manufactured according to the unique technology with use of natural fermented yolk that provides flavoring advantages over other competitors.


Mayonnaises of "Schedro" TM are truly Ukrainian mayonnaises which have incorporated values of traditional Ukrainian Generosity. Add some GENEROSITY to the feast - a true and tasty mayonnaise!


Provencale ORGANIC
The first Ukrainian organic mayonnaise that...

For the first time in Ukraine, Schedro TM...

Mayonnaise «Lvov Premium»
Mayonnaise «Lvov Premium» - 80 % of...

Mayonnaise «Provencale Premium»
Mayonnaise «Provancale Premium» 72...

Mayonnaise «Provencale»
Mayonnaise «Provencale» 67 % of fat...

Mayonnaise «Provancalel Gold»
Mayonnaise «Provancale Gold» 50 %...

Mayonnaise "Salad"
Mayonnaise "Salad" 30 % of fat. ...

Mayonnaise “Lenten 50%”
Mayonnaise “Lenten 50%”. This light mayonnaise...

Mayonnaise "Cheese"
Mayonnaise "Cheese" 50 % of fat....

Mayonnaise “Provencale”
“Provençale” from...

Mayonnaise “Provencale Light”
“Provençale Light” from...