Schedro TM represents a wide range of tastes and useful ingredients. Schedro is a trade mark of national scale and its assortment includes such favorite products of Ukrainians people as: mayonnaise, margarine, ketchups, sauces and mustard. These are products that you can think of as a must on every hospitable table. Our team constantly analyses the market to satisfy requirements of the most tempted buyers. Assortment of products replenishes annually with new positions which are a success and become widely recognized. To improve its quality, technological assets of manufacturers are constantly modernized, which allows to increase production volumes and raise palatability of products.

The tomato history of "Schedro" ketchups begun recently - in 2009. The production started in five kinds of ketchup: classic ketchup "Schedro tomatnyi", aromatic "Schedro Nejnyi", noble «Schedro Shashlychnyj", hot "Schedro Chili" and spicy "Sauce Krasnodarsky". The richness of taste, saturation of odours, reasonable price did not remain unnoticed and in less than a year after the launch, our "Schedro" ketchups gained love of consumers. 

Schedro is the only Ukrainian trademark, which proposes  ketchup with organic spices.


“Our health is a weighty argument in favor of the organic food, therefore to switch to “organics” is the best and the most advantageous investment” -  Oksana Skitalinskaia recommends. Meet the new Organic Tomato ketchup from Schedro TM!


Ketchup Tomato for Children
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Ketchup with cherry tomatoes
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Ketchup "Barbecue"
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Ketchup "Shashlychnyj"
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Ketchup "Chili"
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