Trade House" Schedro was founded in 1996 and currently holds a leading position in the Ukrainian market of fat and Sauces products. The portfolio of brands - leaders of fat and oil- Schedro, Zaporozhye, Oll.


Leading brand Schedro for 9 years has won market leadership on markets of margarines (market share of over 40%), mayonnaise (10%), ketchup (5%) and mustard (6%).


The structure of the company in Ukraine has 19 branches in each regional center and some of the larger cities. Products of TH Schedro is also represented in the CIS and EU countries.


Young, progressive company’s team specializes in the promotion and distribution of products manufactured by three leading oil and fat factories in Ukraine:



All products have unique properties and advantages, its quality is confirmed by many studies of comparative testing and awards.


TH Schedro is a leading manufacturer of high-quality fats and margarines for confectionery, culinary, bakery and dairy industries. The company loyal to their partners, for them it designed flexible pricing and provides technological support and professional assistance on emerging issues.


The company, ahead of the needs of the Ukrainian consumers, creates markets innovative productsthe first Ukrainian organic mayonnaise Provencale ORGANIC and the Organic tomato ketchup. Sauces range TM Schedro are among the Ukrainian innovative brands tastes: Ketchup with cherry tomatoes, ketchup Barbecue with wholegrain spices and smoky flavor, spicy sauce Salsa fire with slices of red pepper and onion, and two unique mayonnaise-based sauces With Italian herbs for fish and For dumplings.


TH Schedro pays particular attention to the recruitment and training of personnel, attracting and retaining the company of professionals of the highest level.