02 2011

 Truly hot were the first months of the summer contest for Anna Khudoley from Kramatorsk. You bet, in June Anna was so close to winning in the “Author of the best recipe of the month” nomination, but at the last moment Irina Slobodyanyuk from Kiev and her salad “Penguin” took the lead by a number of voices and didn't let it happen.


July was rich with some new tasty salad recipes, but the leaders of the voting still retained their positions and had stubbornly refused to yield to each other. Anna Khudoley won in the third month of the contest ahead of her nearest rival by only four votes! Salad winner is “ The Nest of Wood Grouse”.


Winner of July — Anna Khudoley


Presents from “Schedro” TM: an original recipe notebook and a cutting board which are headed to Anna Khudoley from Kramatorsk!


We phoned the winner, congratulated her on the victory and had a little chat.


Anna loves cooking, so she frequently visits cooking sites. At one of these sites she saw an advertisement of the “Best Salad Recipe” contest and decided to participate, moreover she had a dream to visit Paris for a long time. The winner told us that she loves cooking salads most of all, so the recipe was obvious. “The Nest of Wood Grouse” is her signature dish.


For a long time Anna has been using products of “Schedro” TM for her dishes: for roasting meat

(or just with bread ) she uses “Cheese” or “Mushroom” mayonnaise, “Provençale” mayonnaise - for salads.


Participants of the “Best Salad Recipe” contest expect the last month of the competition. By the end of August according to the voting results of schedro.ua visitors, we will announce the winner of the last month. On September 4th the final award ceremony will be held for the winners at the open air museum — Pirogovo village.


Congratulations again to Anna Khudoley on her victory, and good luck to all the participants!


We remind that each contest recipe must contain at least one product of “Schedro” TM: mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard or sauce. Intermediate results of the contest showed that the most popular salad ingredient is mayonnaise, especifically “Salad”, “Provençale” and “Provençale Gold”  from “Schedro” TM.  


Authors of the best salad recipes of the week receive brand T-shirts from “Schedro” TM. At the end of the month, voting results will identify the winner of the month, who will receive an original  recipe notebook and a cutting board from “Schedro” TM. 


Best of luck to all participants! Keep publishing your wonderful recipes and remember to treat your friends and acquaintances with a delicious salad so they definitely vote for you