24 2013

“Schedro Trade House” Ltd organized a media tour for journalists of regional and national publishing houses to observe the launch process of production of the organic mayonnaise at Lvov Fat Plant (LFP). The program of the tour included excursion all over the plant, demonstration of the “Provencale ORGANIC” mayonnaise production, press conference of the “Schedro” TM and LFP company Management, gastronomic excursion and degustation of the dishes made of Lvov Fat Plant production. That May became a truly historical in the life of LFP: first of all, the innovative product – organic mayonnaise of “Schedro” TM has been successfully launched, secondly, this year Lvov Fat Plant celebrates its 65 years anniversary.


“Schedro Trade House” Ltd, a distributor of production and the partner of LFP, organized a media-tour to observe the production of innovative product for representatives of regional and national mass media. Journalists had an opportunity to observe the process of “Provencale ORGANIC” mayonnaise production, put questions to the production director and technologists of the plant. Journalists visited the production laboratory of LFP and its three workshops: mayonnaise workshop, margarine workshop and oil refining workshop.


Personnel safety notification


First lot of the first organic


Production laboratory. Quality of the production of each party is strictly controlled at LFP


After the excursion all over the plant, the press conference of “Schedro TH” Ltd and Lvov Fat Plant management was held. During the conference speakers gave reports, and mass media representatives posed questions they were interested in. Conversation was interesting and lively. Guests of LFP and “Schedro TH” Ltd and got to know detailed information about organic mayonnaise, its ingredients, production process and production requirements, suppliers, packing.


After the press conference guests degustated production of “Schedro” TM: “Provencale ORGANIC” for sure, sauces “Fiery Salsa” and “Satsebeli”, mustards “French” and “Spicy homemade”.



Olga Pivikova, “Schedro” TM marketing director tells about an idea of organic mayonnaise launch: from a plan to the final product


Innovative product “Provencale ORGANIC” is a result of the hard work of the “Schedro Trade House” LFP specialists. Production launch of the first organic mayonnaise is a logic stage of the company and plant development. After the launch of mayonnaise made of natural egg yolks “Schedro TH” Ltd oriented to naturality of ingredients of all the products. Launch of “Provencale ORGANIC” is a high-quality and timely answer to constantly increasing demand - 84% of our compatriots are interested in consumption of the healthy products (data of the Appleton Mayer company).


“Provencale ORGANIC” does not contain flavor enhancers, artificial preservatives and colorants. Its recipe with powerful antioxidant, green tea extract allows to preserve taste properties and consistency of the product for a long period of time.


Mayonnaise “Provencale ORGANIC” is certified as an organic product of the international organization Sic Global LLP (Great Britain, London). During the organic mayonnaise production process at LFP all the necessary requirements to the production process, raw materials of suppliers, packing and marking of the production are satisfied. “Provencale ORGANIC” together with other popular mayonnaises of “Schedro” TM is made out of natural egg yolks.


“Production of the organic mayonnaise coincided with the 65 years anniversary of LFP. I think that these two events are significant and we are on the right way” Chaban Yurii Nikolaevich, Chairman of the Management Board of PJSC “Lvov Fat Plant” says. LFP always was and now is a leader, as our staff members are of high professionalism and like their work. We please Ukrainians with novelties and also with the constant quality and flavor”.


“Launch of the production of the first in the country organic mayonnaise by our company coincided with the anniversary of Lvov Fat Plant. Our company has a plan to launch one more innovative product at LFP the next year” - Olga Pivikova, the Chief Marketing Officer of “Schedro” TM.


Liudmila Boguslavskaia, Director of Journalistic Foundation of National Union of Journalists of Ukraine: “My colleagues and I, we are grateful to “Schedro” Trade House” and Lvov Fat Plant for having organized such an interesting and intensive event. We were very interested to be involved not only as specialists but also as customers, because in the course of the meeting they dispersed some myths about harmfulness of mayonnaise products”.