27 2014

Trade HouseSchedro is one of the leading operators of the mayonnaise, ketchup, sauce, mustard market and is the leading supplier of fat-and-butter products for the industrial processing, the results of the year 2013 activity depict.

Main results:

  • growth of the margarine and fats market share, industrial processing production;
  • growth of the share in the sauce categories;
  • creation of the segment of organic products on the Ukrainian sauces market;
  • launch of the customer support ground that is unique on the B2B market;
  • leading position in the image-building rating.

Sauces segment

In the year 2013, Schedro TM sauces production volume grew by 30% to 681 tons, in the segment of ketchups, growth made 21%* (year 2013: 2,4 thousand tons), the production of mustard increased by 17% (year 2013: 580 thousand tons taking into account Private Label for the trading nets). By reason of optimization of the production capacities charge, the production of mayonnaise upon the Private Label project for the trading nets is terminated and the share of the highly marginal unique production is increased. As a result, Schedro TM mayonnaise production volume grew by 4 pp to 24, 8 thousand tons.

The positive dynamics in the sauces products manufacture volume confirms strengthening of Schedro TM positions on the market. According to results of the year 2013,Schedro TM is one of three leaders of the mayonnaise and ketchup market with the share of 16%* and 4%* correspondingly.

In the year 2013, the sauces assortment was widened by 8 novelties. Schedro trade mark confirmed the status of the sauces market innovator after it had launched unique sauces: sauces made out of tomato sauce - Tabasco and Barbeque, and sauces made out of mayonnaise - For fish and For dumplings and also the light mayonnaise with the avocado oil. For the junior target audience, in July 2013Schedro TM presented ketchup Tomik.

The main event in the assortment widening is the launch of the first in Ukraine organic mayonnaise Provencale ORGANIC. After the certification by the international organization Sic Global LLP (Great Britain, London) in May of the year 2013 the first package of the organic mayonnaise was produced at the Lvov fat integrated plant. Provencale ORGANIC mayonnaise is totally natural - from the basic ingredients to the substances that keep it fresh and keep its consistence. Each ingredient corresponds to the high international requirements of the organic production.

Margarines and fats

Schedro TM, the leader of the butter and fat market, demonstrated the market share growth under the conditions of the confectionary and bread baking industries production volume decrease tendencies. The production volume of the margarine and fat products under Schedro TM for the industrial processing increased by 9% to 135,5 thousand tons and the market share increased by 5 pp to 45%. Clients oriented approach and offer of the innovative butter and fat products, corresponding to the contemporary requirements of the food industry, provided strengthening of the leading position of Schedro TM among the participants of the butter and fat market.

Among the innovative products of the B2B direction is margarine for the dynamically developing segment of the frozen semi-finished products Sloika for the yeasty and frozen puffed baking and the premium product Sloika European margarine, for the bold puffed baking.

Under the conditions of the margarine products market decline, the share of the packed hard margarines (for baking) increased by 1,3 pp to 69% and the share in the segment of the packed soft margarines (for sandwiches) made 245%. Consistently high quality of the margarine production and high loyalty of the customers to the trade mark promoted the growth of demand for the packed products of Schedro.


In the year 2013, Schedro TM expanded the export markets. Production under Schedro TM came on the market of Israel, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and also on the markets of the EU countries: Hungary, Romania and Germany. Expansion of the export to the EU countries confirms all over again the correspondence of Schedro TM production to the high international quality standards.


In the year 2013, Schedro TM increased intangible assets. According to estimation of the MPP Consulting TOP-100 Ukrainian Brands agency, the cost of Schedro brand increased by $0,5 mln. and made $24 mln. Results of Focus edition rating also testify strengthening of the reputational indexes. Schedro TM was included into TOP-10 most popular brands of Ukraine, being in advance of the principal competitors. In the competition of the trade marks that is called Favorites of the success, the trade mark in Schedro TM mayonnaise category became the best among the 39 trademarks. In the margarine category it was ahead of the 14 trademarks and became a leader after the consumer inquiry.

In the year 2013, Schedro TM demonstrated market share growth in priority-oriented sauces groups and strengthened a status of the sauces market innovator. Tabasco innovative taste with the world-known pepper tabasco and Barbeque taste with the flavor of the fire smoke were presented and also the first in Ukraine organic mayonnaise was introduced!

Despite the slowed down growth rates of the confectionary and bread baking industries, Schedro TM strengthened and built up the leading position in the industrial production of the margarines and fats. We can state with certainty that each second bakery product is made with usage ofSchedro TM margarine!

Being guided by the market tendencies and forecasts of our analysts, in the year 2014 Schedro TM intends to concentrate on the development of the organic manufacture of the butter and fat production. In the B2B direction we plan to strengthen the position in the segment of the milk fat replacer and for this aim in December of the year 2013 the unique for Ukraine information and technical ground in practicing of receipts for the specific requirements of the clients was launched at the territory of Zaporozhe refinery Olga Pivikova, Chief Marketing Officer of Schedro Trade House says.

*Estimation was held on the basis of the inner data and the data of the Goskomstat of Ukraine.