05 2014

For the first time in Ukraine one of the leader participants of sous market, of his own free will, successfully underwent the eco-certification procedure and received a conformity mark Green crane.All Ukrainian organization Vital planet, accredited in SIC system as certification body according to ISO, confirmed ecological cleanness and safety of SchedroTM.

Certification body Vital planetestimated the ecological advantages of the products of SchedroTM at the stages from production to realization. Safety Confirmation for mayonnaise, ketchup, sous, mustard and soft margarine for public and environment health was received. Operation of plants that produce the products: Kharkov, Lvov fat plants and Zaporozhie oil-fat plant, fully correspond to the requirements of environment protection.

Conditions to the receipt of Ukrainian certificate Green cranecorrespond to the requirements of international ecological standard ISO 14024:1998 (SSU ISO 14024:2002). Certificate is recognized in 60 countries of the world, including EU and the USA. Locating this eco-element on the products packages, SchedroTM informs about full correspondence of the products to the international eco-standards.

Ecological Certificate Green craneon the label ensures the buyers about high products quality, the best ecological characteristics and advantage of natural ingredients. "SchedroTM is the first and currently the only one trade mark that presents ecological certified sous and margarine products. SchedroTM enriches the buyersfood ration with ecologically clean food products, indispensable for adequate nutrition. Ecological Certificate Green craneonce again confirms the high quality and safety of products of SchedroTM" Olga Pivikova, Head of Marketing department of SchedroTrade mark,reports.

At the present time, upon availability of the wide array of choices of oil-fat and sous products, the determination of really natural quality products is very important. Mayonnaise, ketchup, sous, mustard and soft margarine of SchedroTM is the only one company that has confirmation of ecological advantages towards similar products on the market.