Mayonnaise "Provencale"

Mayonnaise «Provencale» 67 % of fat - true classic!

It is irreplaceable for meat, fish dishes and various salads. «Provencale» has conserved all the best traditions peculiar for this kind of mayonnaise. It is made of natural ingredients, has classical 67 % of fat, dense consistence and sated taste. Perfectly matches for roasting meat, fish and vegetables. «Provencal Schedro» will make any dish tasty and unforgettable!  


Package:  doy-pack 0,19; 0,35; 0,62 kg, fill-pack 0,19; 0,38 kg, foil-pack 0,19 kg,  glass-jar 0,4 kg, bucket 0,9; 4,5 kg.

HoReCa: pack, 5,10,20 kg, fill-pack, 0,7 kg, bucket 0,9; 4,5 kg.

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