Ketchup "Barbecue"

“Barbecue” ketchup.  “Barbecue” ketchup from “Schedro”  contains  organic spices that have  masculine character and a light smoky flavor of a forest bonfire.


Whether you eat kebab or grilled meat with “Barbecue” ketchup, be sure that your meat is flavored with the best ketchup in its category.


“Barbecue” ketchup is traditionally taken along to picnics — you can add it to grilled meat or grilled vegetable salads and use for marinades. There are also many recipes of homemade beef steaks and medallions with a wonderful taste that you cannot imagine without “Barbecue” ketchup from “Schedro” TM. 


Package: doy‑pack 300 g.


HoReCa: pack, 20 kg.


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